Our History

Established 25 years ago, Tom and James built a company in which trust, confidence and integrity are the cornerstones of MarketOne Builders.

Company History

To appreciate the values and culture that drive MarketOne Builders today, it requires a look back at how the company began. A story of two great friends with a vision to build a company that thrives on technical challenges, appreciates the men and women who get it done, and relishes the relationships they build.

It was the mid-1990’s and Tom Ford and James Fitzgerald were both working for a large Northern California contractor. They saw the need for a local, mid-size company that embodied the service, experience, and capabilities of the larger firm they were with. It needed to be a building company that trains and develops the next generation of trade workers. It needed to have state of the art and best in class technology to empower their employees to be the best version of themselves. It would be a Sacramento-based company that reflected the region’s fun and relatable characteristics. In the late 1990’s that vision became reality and MarketOne Builders was off to the races.

The company was quick to tap into the dot com growth of the late 1990’s and 2000, and built for companies like RagingWire, Williams Communications, Inflow, Waave and others. M1B’s commitment to technically challenging projects provided a springboard for growth and they quickly became the fifth fastest growing company in Sacramento.

DotBoom! The tech funding spigots were all shut off,  and as the Silicon Valley history books reflect, the technology freeze of the early 2000’s took a toll on data center construction. For more than six years, big data took a pause to reinvent itself into Google, Facebook, Amazon and ultimately into the international mega data centers that drive the industry today. MarketOne Builders took this opportunity to expand their expertise in markets such as urban renovation, interior improvements, medical and life sciences. They also looked west to expand their operations to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, in their busy urban office in the historic R Street District of downtown Sacramento. MarketOne Builders has been active in the growth of Sacramento with projects under their belt such as Downtown Commons (DOCO), The Sofia at B Street Theatre, 1200 R Street, The Jackson Laboratory, and California’s only Living Certified project Arch|Nexus SAC office on R Street.

MarketOne is more committed than ever to their original vision – build really great projects for really great owners, with the greatest group of people. They are equally committed to the construction trades, working with local building associations on recruitment, training, and development of the next generation workforce that the industry desperately needs. Their commitment to the community is rooted in working with organizations such as WEAVE, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Sacramento Downtown Partnership, Greater Sacramento Economic Council and local city councils to support complex human challenges and elevate the soul of the city.

Let’s go forward, together!