Gemini Bio-Products

Gemini Bio is a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in West Sacramento, CA. The site consists of 25,000 sf of newly constructed industrial shell space. The facility houses an office, process suites, warehouse, cold storage, and support spaces within the existing cold shell industrial warehouse building.

The new facility enables accelerated growth while accommodating a higher standard of quality among Gemini’s products to serve the cell and gene therapy market. The GMP facility will quadruple production capacity and allow Gemini to meet its rapidly growing customer demand.

Gemini recently announced that it was the receipt of a federal government contract award to supply critical products in support of the high demand for COVID-19 testing.  Gemini Bio will be supplying reagents in the areas of Viral Transport Media (VTM), Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS), and Saline Solution. Gemini Bio was awarded $3.6 million and is leveraging the new facility to support the effort.  Gemini offers a variety of products, including cell culture media, sera, cytokines, growth factors, and cell QC instruments.  Service offerings include fill & finish and custom media development.


Gemini Bio and BelHealth Investment Partners


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West Sacramento, CA